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Best Criminal Lawyer in Mumbai, India


Pan India Advocate & Associates has rich experience in Criminal Law related Matters one of the Best Lawyers for Criminal Cases in Mumbai, Provided Best Legal Services in Criminal Cases among Best Criminal Advocates in Mumbai. 

Expert in all types of Criminal cases, Criminal Defense, Criminal trials, Criminal Justice, etc.

The Law Firm has a Prominent Name in Legal Industry Provided Best Legal Services & Top Legal Solutions in Criminal Law related Matters Google reviewed Top Criminal Lawyer in Mumbai.


The Criminal Laws are divided into three Major Parts: Indian Penal Code 1860, Criminal Procedure Code 1973, and the Indian Evidence Act 1872 except for these Acts some special Acts passed by parliament. i.e. POSCO act, Criminal Law Amendment Act 2018, Criminal Law Amendment Act 2013 ( Nirbhaya Act), Prevention of Corruption Act, Dowry Prohibition Act 1961, and many other acts passed by parliament from time to time for the prevention of criminal offenses.

Criminal Law


We specialized in all types of Criminal Matters: Criminal Defense, Criminal Trials, Cross-Examination, Arguments, Fraud, POSH Law, Divorce, Domestic Violence, FIR, Bail, Anticipatory Bail, Police Complaints, Private Complaint, Drink & Drive, NDPS Cases, etc. We offer the Best Legal Consultation in Criminal Cases, Criminal Trials having rich experience in Criminal Defense among Top rated Criminal Lawyers in Mumbai.

Civil Law


We specialize in all types of Civil disputes: Civil Suits, Plaint, Petition, Written Statement, Affidavit, Legal Notice, MOU, Power of Attorney, NOC, Civil suite under C.P.C. for a temporary injunction, Company Binding up Petition, Recovery Suits, Demand Notice, Vacation Notice, etc.

Property Law


We are handling all types of property disputes: Sale of property, resale, Title search report, Registration of Property, Sale Agreement of Property, Rent Agreement, Power of Attorney, NOC, Civil suite under C.P.C. for a temporary injunction on the property, Recovery Suits, Legal Notice, etc.

Family law


We specialize in all types of Family Law related disputes: Court Marriage, Divorce, Domestic Violence, Maintenance, Recovery Suits of outstanding Payments, Legal Notice, Family Settlement Deed, Partition Suite of Property, Drafting of Various Kind of Mutual Consent Agreements, Settlement Agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, FIR against Fraud, Filing of Case in family Court, etc.